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Your Sequim Buyer's Agent is Chuck Marunde, J.D.

Sequim Real Estate and Sequim Homes for Sale. Looking for a Sequim Real Estate Buyer's Agent? This is your Sequim real estate guide.  Your Sequim Real Estate Buyer's Agent is Chuck Marunde, offering you more online free resources than anyone else, bar none, with absolutely no obligation to register your name or personal information.  Chuck is a broker who has been in real estate for over 30 years, 20 as a real estate attorney, and is the author of a book you might want, Buying and Selling Real Estate in The Rain Shadow.  You'll find it on

If you are looking for an experienced Sequim Buyer's Agent, please do your due diligence and examine my education, experience, and credentials.  I would love to represent you.  See Sequim Realtor Chuck Marunde's full Resume and Testimonies at:

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Sequim and Port Angeles, Clallam County,Washington.  We give give you precisely what you are looking for: Sequim homes for sale, Port Angeles homes for sale, Sequim lots for sale, Port Angeles lots for sale, and even help on new homes and custom homes.  You can search over 1,500 listings here in Sequim and Port Angeles areas to find your dream home or lot.  Here's what you can do:  

Are you in the market to buy a home in Sequim, or buy land in Sequim?  Are you in the market to buy a home in Port Angeles, or buy land in Port Angeles?  On this site you can search the Sequim MLS listings and the Port Angeles MLS listings to find out exactly how much homes and land are selling for, and you'll also find lots of help looking for that dream home or that perfect lot with a water view or a mountain view.  Want a local Realtor who knows the market to be able to help you understand prices and the inventory, who can be your negotiator?  You'll find a professional real estate agent who will answer your questions by email.

Are you selling a home in Sequim or selling land in Sequim?  Are you selling a home in Port Angeles or selling land in Port Angeles?  If you are, you'll be able to search the local MLS listings to find out what your property is worth, and you'll be able to find answers to the key issues that involve selling homes and land in Clallam County, Washington.  Do you know where the buyers are coming from?  Wouldn't it be great to find the right buyer for your home?  Are you a "For Sale By   Owner" (FSBO)?  Do you want 30 years of experience to sell your home?  You'll find it on this site.  In fact, you'll find more real help for FSBO's on this site than anywhere in the country.  Do you prefer to work with an experienced real estate agent or an experienced Realtor?  How do you find a good agent, someone who is trustworthy and competent?  The answers are here.

I would love to have the privilege of working with you, but I first offer you all these free resources at no cost.  No obligation and tons of megabytes of genuine help, whether you are searching for homes for sale in Sequim or Port Angeles, or if you planning to sell your home or land.  Don't forget to check out our Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate Blog.

Sequim Buyer's Agent Chuck Marunde.
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